The Oriental Interpreter of Constructivism The Oriental Interpreter of Constructivism--A Study of the Inner Structure of Liao Shiou-Ping’s Geometric Formation by Pedro Tseng(曾長生) AbstractLiao Shiou-ping(廖修平), the promoter of Taiwan’s 房屋二胎modern printmaking, is the first artist who has spared no effort in the education and promotion of Taiwan’s modern printmaking. Liao Shou-ping had been immersed in the post-war modernism trend in the 1950s and 60s, and acquired the mastery 宜蘭民宿of advanced media of art in France and United States . He had long devoted himself to modern printmaking, setting a fine example for his successors in 1970s. Under Liao’s guidance, his students formed the modern printmaking group Evergreen 融資Graphic Art Association in 1974. Many of them are the mixed media artists who get involved with various types of art. This association turns out to be the predecessor of Taiwanese mixed media art. Throughout his life, Liao has seen art as his 有巢氏房屋mission, focusing his seriousness and refinement on a printmaking style that fuses Oriental thought with Western rationality, imbued with his profound humanism. Liao attempts to interpret the interaction and harmonious relationship of man and 長灘島nature through the philosophical outlook of Oriental aesthetics and makes the simple matters of everyday life in Taiwan his subject, substantively displaying a serenity and peace that is full of philosophy and sophistication. His unique “信用貸款Gate Symbols” series describes the philosophy of the course of life. The quite representative “gate” symbol also became the trademark of his personal style. In the field of Western art, the traditional associations in Liao Shiou-ping’s 新成屋art make his works teem with a fresh flow that has a connotative, zen-like and unadorned quality. It is these Eastern characteristics that have drawn the attention of the international art world to his work.This essay is attempted to study in 租屋網the evolution of LiaoShou-ping’s modernism, zen-like quality of Liao’s art, the deep structure of Liao’s geometric formation, Liao’s Oriental structuralism---so called modern neo-humanism combined East-West culture. Keywords: Liao 辦公室出租Shou-ping, modernism, geometric abstraction, Zen Buddhism, constructivism, structuralism, post-modern, neo-humanism, aternative mdernity 

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